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Technical Assistance

Make sure you have installed the most up-to-date version of the browsers you normally use: this way, you will be able to view our website as well as possible.

In the case of navigation problems, remove the Cookies and Temporary Files from your computer.

It can also be useful to verify that Javascript is activated. To remove Cookies and Temporary Files:

Internet Explorer 8 browser (or later):

  1. click on "Tools" and select "Internet Options";
  2. click on "Delete";
  3. select "Cookies" and click on "Delete".

Mozilla Firefox 10 browser (or later):

  1. select "History" and click "Clear recent history";
  2. select the "All" option in the "Time interval" to delete window;
  3. select "Cookie and cache" in "Details" and click "Delete now".

Google Chrome browser:

  1. select "Tools" and click "Clear browsing data";
  2. select "Cookies and other data from sites and plug-ins" and "stored files in the cache";
  3. select the "All" option to delete all contents and click on "Clear browsing data".

Safari 3 browser (or later):

  1. select "Safari" and choose "Preferences";
  2. select "Security" and click on "Show Cookies";
  3. click on "Remove all" and "Ok";
  4. click on "Fine".

iPhone/iPad browser:

  1. enter the "Settings" menu and select "Safari";
  2. select "Clear" data websites and history and verify that Javascript is activated.

If the problem persists, please write an email to with:

  • operating system used (Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.);
  • browser used (name and version: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 63.0.1, Safari 12, etc.);
  • page to be reached (e.g., etc.)